It is planned that content from the short be used in the upcoming Disney/Pixar Cars Fangame, Cars:IGNITE, by Matthew Swartz (Wikia User Swartz27). Such as playable characters and new events. Here is a list of it:

Most characters from the short (and Video Game) are planned to be playable. Vincent K. Queens, Barry D. Rustfender, Sonny N. TankerHorns, Lenny Y. OilDrazzle, Gerald "The Boss", Fletcher, El Guapo, Philip C. Rivetkroger, Papo, Yurikaa, Snot Rod, Candice, El Machismo, Stinger, Tommy Joe, Lewis, Judd, Cletus, Buford, Zeke, Count Spatula, The Crippler, Ginormous, and Fred are confirmed.

A new world, being Queens, Colorado (named after Vince's family) will be used for events: 3 Races, 2 Battle Courses, and a new minigame. Queens is expected to be finished around a month prior to the final release. The races are to be named "Queens High School Track", "Queens Loop", and "Muddy River Circuit". The battle courses are "American Dental Association Headquarters" and "Downtown Queens". Unlike other worlds, Queens will not have garages in exploration mode.

There will be a "Tooth Racket" Minigame, where you do the tooth trade. You can play as Gerald's team or Vince's team. Use A to rise, F to lower, alternate between Y-G-B-H to go forwards, and I-J-M-K to go back, using arrow keys to move aside, sneak the tooth and swipe the money to win each of the 10 levels, you lose if you are too fast, too slow, or hit something, which wakes the kid up. Or from level 6 and onwards the ADA captures you, avoid surveillance cameras! Other names for it like "Sneak N Swipe" are also planned.

There are also plans that a tutorial be set in Queens where Vince teaches Barry to race.

Further info coming soon! You may discuss this in this page's comments or on the Cars:IGNITE Wiki.



Charcter Selection Screen Proposal with Vince's Gang, the Bosses, and their captains.


An example of a race, note Gerald and Barry.