This is a list of rules on Vince Short Wikia.


These are not tecnically "rules", but can still be disappreciated if not follwed. If broken, there will not be any punishment bigger than a simple reminder.

  • When multiple characters are mentoned, please order them the same way they are on Characters and Video Game pages, example: the gang should be listed as following, Vince, Barry, Sonny, Lenny.
  • Please make sure you use "@user's name" when replying if there are multiple responses from different users or you can't reply, so they know who you're talking to, only one "A Wikia Contributor" is known to have come to this wiki currently.
  • Please do not immediately put a suggestion on the "confirmed" section of a suggestion page like Name Ideas, as they may be declined.
  • Please try to use good grammar, though we will fix it for you instead of passing infractions.
  • when mentoning the car who controls Queens, please call her "Mrs. Queens" and not "Vince's Mom".
  • Spam-advertising other topics is only allowed on Forum. You'll be told to go to Forum otherwise.
  • Do not post any comments to this page, they will be deleted on sight.

Major Rules

If these rules are broken up to three times, the user can be banned for at least a month, infinite blocks will never be imposed unless they are done after the user was temporarily blocked for the same reason.

  • Do not act disrespectfully or violentley towards another user, whether it be over a "you aren't a developer of this videogame", or an editing argument, just ask someone who can punish them.
  • Words such as the f word and sexual terms are not appreciated, some users may be under 18.
  • hashtags are not permitted unless used for noting numbers or a link.
  • Do not go off topic, for example, don't talk about Cars:IGNITE or Cars: Hi-Octane Edition on Discussion, and don't discuss anything that doesn't have to do with either the short or video game. This rule does not apply on Forum.
  • Do not troll or lie to someone, as it is very easy to get away with lies on the internet.
  • Do not request the same thing over once in under 24 hours, it gets annoying.
  • Don't post any irreleveant pictures unless it is an idea request, Do not post unnecessary pictures on any page like Characters (link higher up) or Humanization, either.
  • If another user asks you what a song is called, please do not say "Darude - Sandstorm", unless it is Darude - Sandstorm, which I do know what it is.
  • Do not create spam pages (anything that doesn't have to do with fanon of the Cars character Vince) or vandalise existing ones by clearing them or inserting unecessary info or gibberish.