This is a list of scrapped content in the short about Vince. These were early ideas that were deleted in favor of other ideas, along with their reason. Some aren't listed, instead being on Characters. Alternative Storylines are listed on their own page. Video Game info and scrapped Replacements are not displayed.

Note: "deleted" means not just cut but gone forever, deleted from the developer's file explorer.

  • Vince was planned to have a license plate, reading BOSOQNZ. This was taken out since in his official appearences, he had no license plate. In Cars:IGNITE, it will appear, but optional.
  • Gerald was originally planned to have been freed by angels who took the ADA away, but this was removed since we can tecnically call ADA good guys and Gerald the bad guy.
  • Papo had been planned to be able to speak English and add another scene but this was taken out because of time constraints, he was to have only one quote in final, "Waa? Modespeto!".
  • Some dentists were planned to be Monster Trucks but this was changed to them having face covers.
  • Barry was once planned to die as well as 2 Gerald Racketeers but was needed for a role in any sequel.
  • A scene where Sonny plays on his video games saying how much he hates most of them, ripping a disc for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U right in his tires, and Vince comes in agreeing, saying his least favorite game is Splatoon where the notable Toadette Poster is behind them was made. This was replaced so the storyline could be set to a correct time setting, read References. It was to show what videogames the short's developer Superbaddy4 hates most, now you know!
  • An unnamed kid was once the first car Sonny did the tooth trade to, but Tommy Joe took his spot since he would have made a great addition to this short, it also fits in with the fact that the storyline is based off of South Park Season 4 Episode 1.
  • Fred was to be the cafeteria worker in the Queens High School in a scene where Vince's gang talks to him but this was replaced with Judd, Cletus, Buford, and Zeke due to time constraints and a drug reference. Fred would have had this same role in the Video Game though.