A Video Game about the short was planned instead of a sequel.

Phase 1

It was planned to be similar to an RPG but with racing and tooth racketing instead of fighting. This would have also include characters who aren't on the characters page, such as Sonny's Sister and Zil. There were to be "teams" of playable characters, like Vincent, Barry, Sonny, and Lenny, in which they could have been grouped together, with 22 cars to choose from. Some cars have abilities the other cars don't. The idea was scrapped a bit before Phase 2 was sketched, but that fell too in favor of Poliwrath Vs. Exploud, which should be released around the same time as Cars:IGNITE. The game's name was to be "Vince and the 300000 Racketeers the Video Game", view Name Ideas.

Playable Characters

(* means the car was not in the short)

Queens, Colorado Gang

Vincent K. Queens

Barry D. Rustfender

Sonny N. TankerHorns

Lenny Y. OilDrazzle

Gerald's Captains

El Guapo

Philip C. Rivetkroger



The Cousins

Tommy Joe






Monster Truckers

Count Spatula*

The Crippler*


Count Vlad III "Dracula"*

Zil's Enforcement

Cobra Car*

Zil's Car-Napper Van*

Zil's Pitty*

Zil Tooth Racket Academy Student (comes in 4 different models)*

This list will be added to if new ideas are received.

Non-Playable Characters

(* new to video game, ** planned for short, but scrapped, *** appears on TV only, **** originates from an Alt. Storyline, ***** is a ghost)

Mrs. Queens

Mr. Queens*****

Vince's unnamed friend

Vince's brother*****


Mrs. Rustfender*

Mr. Rustfender

Mrs. TankerHorns*

Sonny's Sister*

Mr. TankerHorns****

Mrs. OilDrazzle*

Mr. OilDrazzle*



Circus Clowns***


Snot Rod


El Machismo*


Gerald's Great Great Grandfather*****

Gerald "The Boss"


Racketeers (both Male and Female)



Clarence "Razor" Callahan*



Queens High School Bus**

Hospital Truck****

Flame Striker****

Toadette's Angels**

Submarine Mascot Car

News Reporters***


Semir Gerkhan*


Fred Jr.*

Character Advantages

Vincent K. Queens: Handling, grip

Barry D. Rustfender: Acceleration, reflexes

Sonny N. TankerHorns: Speed, stability

Lenny Y. OilDrazzle: Weight, strength

(Further statistics not obtained)

Special Abilities

(In phase 1, each playable car was intended to have a special ability it could limitedly use in events)

Vincent K. Queens: Can use his rope pole to swing around places, this can only be used in some areas

Barry D. Rustfender: Can stretch his spoiler to grab things others can't (only use is in story mode)

Sonny N. TankerHorns: Can turn invisible to avoid certain enemies in story mode and an enemy's ability

Lenny Y. OilDrazzle: Can release spike strips with 30 seconds recharge time

El Guapo: Can shine his gold and blind another player for about 5 seconds, takes 30s to regain light

Philip C. Rivetkroger: Can whip opponents with his rope pole, but needs a 15 second recharge

Papo: Can disable everyone else's special abilities for about 15 seconds

Yurikaa: Can cast a spell that has a random effect, it may be good OR bad!

Tommy Joe: Can strike with a supercharged side bump that takes 10 seconds to charge

Lewis: Can shoot with a bow and arrow that takes 5 seconds to draw back

Judd: Can use his front license plate as a boomerang, with 10 second recharge

Cletus: Can vanish, snipe an enemy from out of nowhere, and reappear (1 use per event)

Buford: Smashes out a much more powerful side bump that takes 30 seconds to charge

Zeke: Can chomp anyone he bumps from behind with his buck teeth, flicking them backwards!

Count Spatula: Can throw pies on everyone's screens, but must wait 25 seconds between each use

The Crippler: Can summon motorcades that wipe out other racers, must wait 40s between calls

Ginormous: Can grow massive and squish anyone he touches for 5 seconds, with 30s recharge

Count Vlad III "Dracula": Can fire missiles from what look to be semi-truck air horns, recharge is 20s

Cobra Car: Can swap places with the player behind him, allowing for drop-outs when needed

Zil's Car-Napper Van: Can steal teeth and Money from foes (only use is in tooth racket)

Zil's Pitty: can toss anyone into the air even from a distance, less useful compared to Zeke's ability

Zil Tooth Racket Academy Student: Can trick everyone and make their cameras face the sky with 30s RC


Read References

New Event Types

(Since the idea has been scrapped, these may now be in Cars:IGNITE)

Tooth Racket, mentoned on Plans for Cars:IGNITE page, the link is higher up on this page.

4-Car Battle, An event in an aerial perspective where you control four cars at once and each have health, bash the other cars to damage them, eliminate all enemy teams (4 max) to win! There is no finish line and characters cannot go past or fall behind the auto-scrolling screen.


An example of a 4-Car Battle

New Characters

* Did but now won't have monster truck tires, ** scrapped from short, *** from Alternative Storyline

Cobra Car

Zil (main antagonist)

Sonny's Sister

Mrs, Rustfender

Mr. TankerHorns***

Mrs. TankerHorns

Mr. OilDrazzle

Mrs. OilDrazzle


El Machismo


Semir Gerkhan

Count Spatula*

The Crippler*


Count Vlad III "Dracula"

Zil Tooth Racket Academy Student

Zil's Car-Napper Van

Zil's Pitty


Circus Clowns

Flame Striker***

Queens High School Bus**

Hospital Truck***

Toadette's Angels**




Clarence "Razor" Callahan



Fred Jr.


You would have been able to customize your characters by bumpers/exhaust pipes, hats, air intakes, tires. and spoilers, with a list of options here, know these are statistic-effective, with info having not been given out before Phase 1 was scrapped. Phase 2 was, however, not to have customizations.

Note: these lists were not finished

Bumpers/Exhaust Pipes

Everyday Bumper (Preset for Barry and Lenny)

Stock Car Bumper

No Bumper (Preset for Vince and Sonny)

Exhaust Pipe setup (Preset for C. Spatula, Crippler. And Ginormous)

B Dasher exhaust pipes

Spiked Bumper

10 exhaust pipes (Preset for Lewis)

upside down spoiler

curio-stamped bumper

Jet Plane exhaust pipe

Futuristic pipes

Bumper with spring arms

Mounted grille

Beaten up bumper (preset for the cousins, except Lewis)


Nothing (Preset for most)

Queens Track Team cap

propellor hat

Diecast collector's cap

fake mohawk

roof-mounted spoiler (preset for Zil's Student)

Lightning McHat


Route 66 sign

Toadette hat

Batcar mask

Papo's Band-It


Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi cap (all unlocked together)

Wizard hat

Gunner helmet

Roof fairing

Devil horns (preset for Count Spatula)

Air horns

Bunny ears

Sirens (preset for Crippler)


Hair bow

Air Intakes aka hoodpieces

Simple Intake (Preset for Vince, Barry, Sonny, Crippler, Cobra Car, and Zil Student)

No Intake (preset for most)

Shark-Fin Intake (Preset for Lenny)

Denchure Intake

Open-Mouthed Diecast

Winged Intake

Diamond Intake


Jet Engine

Piston Cup

Hood Grille (preset for Yurikaa)

Engine blower 1 (preset for Count Spatula)

Engine Blower 2


Standard (preset for most)

Monster (preset for C.Spatula, Crippler, and Ginormous)




Scullin Double-Disc

Rustbucket Racing (preset for the cousins)

Off-Road (preset for Count Vlad III "Dracula")

White-Walls (preset for Philip)







Flat Spoiler (Preset for Vince and Lenny)

Retractable Spoiler (Preset for Barry)

Muscle Car Spoiler Folding Down

Muscle Car Spoiler Folding Up (preset for Sonny)

No Spoiler (preset for most)

King's Spoiler

Carbon Fibre Spoiler

Fake Wings

Ladder Spoiler

Round Spoiler

Spoiled Spoiler (get it?)


Fake Trailer

5-Story Spoiler

Boost tanks

"Sandbox" Spoiler (preset for Yurikaa)

Sport Spoiler (preset for Zil Student)

Competing Ideas

Read Replacements

(The idea was in third place of four different concepts when Poliwrath Vs. Exploud was chosen)

Sketch of Poliwrath Vs. Exploud

Boss Battles

Race Battles


El Machismo


Semir Gerkhan


Tooth Racket Battles



Clarence "Razor" Callahan



Phase 2

The new idea had scrapped the above idea, it was based on another game called "South Park Rally", it had successfully allowed the concept to overtake the opposing proposal "The Royal Cactus". It then had a bunch of levels, all different from one another. It also had WAY more playable characters, at the fair price of no story mode. If it were to have won, it may had been renamed "Queens, Colorado Racers", "Champ of Queens", or "Vincent K, Queens Racer". Playable characters in this version were to have been:

Phase 2 Playable Characters

Vincent K. Queens

Barry D. Rustfender

Sonny N. TankerHorns

Lenny Y. OilDrazzle

El Guapo

Philip C. Rivetkroger



Tommy Joe






Count Spatula

The Crippler


Count Vlad III "Dracula"

Zil (Represented Phase 1)

Exodia (Represented Phase 1)

Cobra Car

Carnapper Van

Zil Pitty

Zil Tooth Racket Academy Student

ADA Leader (Represented the short)

Doctor Yellowtooth

Vince's Unnamed Friend

Mrs. Queens

Barry's Brother

Barry's Sister

Mr. Rustfender

Mrs. Rustfender

Sonny's Sister

Mr. TankerHorns

Mrs. TankerHorns

Lenny's Sister

Mr. OilDrazzle

Mrs. OilDrazzle



Gerald's Tow Truck (Represented the short)

Male Racketeer

Female Racketeer

Animatronic Fletcher (Represented 5 Nights at Fletcher's)

Animatronic Gerald (Represented 5 Nights at Fletcher's)

Queens, CO Sheriff

Sheriff Vincent K. Queens (Was not an alt because paintjobs and customization were removed)

Royal Cactus Guardian (Represents The Royal Cactus)

Hash Slinging Slasher (Represents The Royal Cactus)

Circus Clown

Sonny's Whismur (Represents both Alt. Line 2 and Poliwrath Vs. Exploud)


Fred Jr.

Preschool Judd (Represents Alt. Line 4)

Preschool Cletus (Represents Alt. Line 4)

Preschool Buford (Represents Alt. Line 4)

Steve (Repersents Alt. Line 1)

Submarine Mascot Car

Half-Chicken Half-Squirrel Car (Represents the short)

Cletus' Grandson (Represents Alt. Line 3)

Osama Tin Laden (Represents Alt. Line 5)

Jersey Reporter 1 (Represents Alt. Line 5)

Jersey Reporter 2 (Represents Alt. Line 5)